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Of Native Stone

Kansas' Native Stone Scenic Byway is 48 miles of State Route 99, a winding two-lane that strings together the towns of Alma, Eskridge, Keene and Dover. I drove there and traveled its course several times during the winter and spring of 2015.  To and from I also found native stone fences and structures along U.S. Route 56 west of Baldwin City. When I discovered a fence remnant along one of the major routes, I turned onto the next side road, generally unpaved, thinking that where one structure is readily visible, more must be just out of sight. For the most part, I wasn't disappointed.


Inkjet prints of the panoramas are 60 inches wide and of varying heights.  The project also includes an 8.5x11 inch hand-bound (Japanese style) book with 21 images and a short essay.  The panoramas are double-page spreads. 

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